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How I Shoot: Videos that Tell Stories with @hamadahideaki

How I Shoot is a series where we ask Instagrammers to tell us about the set-up and process behind their photos and videos. This week, Hideaki Hamada (@hamadahideaki) shares his tips for telling a story using video.

Instagrammer Hideaki Hamada (@hamadahideaki) based in Osaka, Japan, finds his creative inspiration in people. Interested particularly in portraits, Hideaki’s favorite models are his two sons, Haru and Mina. “I try to take photos of scenes with people or anything that hints the presence of people,” he says. “I have always taken pictures of my family and ever since I realized that Instagram is the perfect tool to tell real-time stories about your everyday life, I have been posting multiple times a day.”

When those stories involve movement, sound and atmosphere specific to that moment, Hideaki switches to video.

Here are Hideaki’s tips for making a video which tells a story:

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  • Think about the structure of the story you want to tell in the video. Hideaki often uses four cuts in his videos which give the story a plot.
  • Just because you are shooting a video, it doesn’t mean you have to capture moving things. The story may gain depth by including both static and dynamic cuts. Hideaki relates this to still photography: “People sometimes gain more inspiration from things that look very insignificant and unrelated.”
  • Look around and decide what the important elements are before you start shooting. Since you will be filming and editing at the same time, get a sense of how to allocate each cut in the 15-second frame.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected and be flexible with your storyline when you film.
  • If you wish to keep an archive of your videos, create an original hashtag like Hideaki’s #hamadafilm.